Parking changes in Penzance will see evening charges scrapped

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A number of parking charges that will soon be brought into force in Penzance will see evening parking charges scrapped in the majority of car parks, but it’s not all good news as some day rates will be on the rise.

Cornwall Council has announced that from April 1, it will scrap evening parking charges in all of its 146 car parks across the county from Torpoint to Penzance.

The parking changes have come about as part of a full review of parking charges and the way people can pay for parking.

When public parking consultations were held as part of the review, it was the lack of evening parking that was causing concern.

The leader of Cornwall Council Adam Paynter said: “In last year’s Town Parking Review, residents raised concerns about the lack of availability of on-street parking at night.

“Since then we have also heard from businesses and Cornwall councillors who have asked us to consider abolish evening parking charges to help support local economies.”

The announcement comes alongside a number of other parking changes for Cornwall, including reducing parking rates for regular car park users and standardising seasonal parking tariffs.

It will mean that each evening you will be able to park for free in any of Cornwall Council’s car parks.

The definition of “evening” changes depending on which car park you are in, so you will need to check at the specific car park you choose, but times will start from 4pm onwards.

No matter where you find yourself spending the evening in Cornwall, there is a wide range of car parks to choose from.

In fact across the county the council owns almost 150 different car parks.

While evening parking charges will be scrapped, day time charges in some areas will be hiked up for the summer season.

Day time seasonal parking charges, which run in the summer months between April 1 and October 31 will be standardised in the “most congested areas”.

This means that council car parks in the busiest areas, including Falmouth, Newquay, Penzance and St Ives, will all be put at the same rate – with the charges in some of the car parks in those towns rising.

The council said it is proposing to set tariffs at £1.50 per hour and up to £8 to park for 24 hours – but some of the car parks in the towns affected currently only charge £1 per hour and will see a rise of 50p.


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